Leading in Worship: Richard Clockedile

Leading in Prayer: Phil Rundgren

Sermon: Dan Lambertson

Sermon Title: Avoiding Failures In Christian Ministry

Sermon Verse: Mark chapter 9

Nursery Leaders: Johnsons

Junior Leaders: Sara Hammond Team

Church Announcements for 06/18/2017

  • To Reflect: “Some of our churches today have become so sophisticated and calm that the people don't get excited, the devil doesn't get excited and the Lord doesn't get excited either.” ~ Pastor Al Janney
  • Happy Father’s Day! We will be distributing books to all our dads today. “Man Alive” was written by Patrick Morley, and is given to you as an encouragement in your role as fathers and leaders in your homes. God bless you Dads, on your special day!
  • There will be a Young Life planning meeting on Tuesday, June 27, at 6:30 pm, in the chapel.
  • If you are interested in Water Baptism as a testimony to your faith in Jesus Christ, please see Pastor Dan.
  • Summer “Good News Club” anyone? If you’re willing to host a location (such as a back yard, porch, nearby park, etc.) or help in any way during the summer months, please see Pastor Dan or Selena.
  • Summer is fast approaching and there are various summer Christian camps that will be beginning, including Camp Good News. There are brochures for the camps in the foyer and back hallway.
  • The 2017 summer volunteer lawn mowing schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the foyer, if you would like to help with this ministry please sign up along with your telephone number. Lawn mower and gas are provided. If you need more information, please see Dan Brown.
  • We have a new Discovery Series booklet available called “Keeping the Faith.” You will find it located on the racks in the foyer and back hallway along with other free Christian literature. Please help yourself to any of these you would like.
  • Just a reminder… please be careful not to block Bea Ramsell’s driveway/walkway, where it connects with our church parking lot. That is her family’s entrance/exit to her home.

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