Missionary Support

South Waterboro Bible Chapel is proud to support these ministries and missionaries:

Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Maine

Kevin and Jenny Lambertson (Child Evangelism Fellowship)

Larry and Debbie Porter (Child Evangelism Fellowship)

Ezekiel and Alice Joshua (serving in Central Uttar Pradesh, India)

Eric and Jami Dellaire (Graduate Resources)

Line Elementary Good News Club

Massabesic Middle School Good News Club

Dee Grubb (Biblical Ministries Worldwide)

Michael and Lori Rosenbauer (SIM / Lily of the Valley Children's Village, South Africa)

Elizabeth Wilson (Way of Life Mission)

James and Donelle (GMSA / Camp Chivilcoy, Argentina)

Joy Bowles (Wycliffe Retired)

Erna Webster (International Students)

Herb and Nikki Mclean (MCMI Retired)

Scott and Jennie Phillips

DAO Tribes Mission

Elizabeth Martin

Honduras Health Service corp

Skip Pullen

Village Missions

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